wiki's lessons on life

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the comic and the "artist"

Wiki's lessons in life is a one-panel comic about a girl called Wiki. Sometimes there is a lesson in the comic. Most of the time I just pretend there is one.

Sometimes Wiki's lessons in life is also about love. The love between a girl with curly blonde hair and a large green monster. The monster owns a pink hat. It is a pretty great hat.

kier, that's me, is the author/artist of this comic. I am 21 years old and I live in a place called australia. australia is a country on the planet earth. It is below asia, but above antarctica! In australia sometimes people do crazy things, like sleep in on the weekends or lie about how much they've had to drink.

Like a lot of people on the planet earth, kier is a Human

Here is a photo of Kier:

She is demonstrating the important human organ that is known as the eye.

it's true -
i do love snail mail. people who send me things get cool things sent back.

Kier Mcfarlane
P.O Box 591
Kingaroy QLD 4610


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